Prophecies of The Tocc

Fastlane 2018

Styles vs. Zayn vs. Owens vs. Corbin vs. Ziggler vs. Cena

Six-pack Challenge for the WWE Championship

Prediction:A.J. Styles
Prophecy:I can't see anything getting in the way of Styles vs Nakamura at Mania. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Nakamura interjects himself into this match at some point to save Styles. Cena's promo about breaking the record and being a 17 time champion was pretty convincing though. But I can see him on the verge of winning and DONG Taker's bell sounds and allows AJ to roll him up for a pin.
Result:A.J. Styles wins
1 Point Awarded

Bobby Roode vs. Randy Orton

United States Championship

Prediction:Bobby Roode
Prophecy:I never realized how little Roode was until I saw him next to Orton. Regardless, Orton doesn't need this title. These two will put on a show to put Bobby over a bit and then have the finish messed up by the modern day vein-a-rama.
Result:Randy Orton wins
0 Points Awarded

The Usos vs. The New Day (2 of the 3)

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Prediction:The Usos
Prophecy:Usos are on a roll and until I see some shift in momentum I can't go against them.
Result:No Contest
Points N/A

Charlotte vs. Ruby Riot

WWE SmackDown Women's Championship

Prophecy:Winner here basically will be the one to go to Mania with the title. That'd be Charlotte. Nice to see Ruby getting a title shot already though.
Result:Charlotte wins
1 Point Awarded

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev

Prediction:Shinsuke Nakamura
Prophecy:As popular as Rusev is right now with the whole RUSEV DAY thing, there is no way Nakamura is going to lose going into his title match at Mania.
This is my lock.
Result:Shinsuke Nakamura wins
1 Point Awarded (+1 bonus point)

Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Natalya & Carmella

Prediction:Becky Lynch & Naomi
Prophecy:Nice booking job on this one.
Result:Natalya & Carmella win
0 Points Awarded
Total Points: 3 (+1 Bonus Point)

3 Points Earned | 60% Accurate

Ranked 4th among Wise Ones for this event.