Prophecies of The Tocc

Extreme Rules 2018

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship

Prediction:Alexa Bliss
Prophecy:Unfortunately for Nia, she won't win her title back. Bliss vs Rousey will happen eventually. They changed this to be an "extreme rules" match for 2 reasons: 1) because there were almost no other extreme rules matches at the aptly named PPV and 2) so Alexa can win with foreign objects or outside interference.
This is my lock.
Result:Alexa Bliss wins
1 Point Awarded (+1 bonus point)

A.J. Styles vs. Rusev

WWE Championship

Prediction:A.J. Styles
Prophecy:Rusev is not all that over, but Rusev Day is huge. You never know what they'll do with SmackDown talent, as they're often given a chance to shine. AJ is undoubtedly the top guy right now though, and I don't think his time with the title is over.
Result:A.J. Styles wins
1 Point Awarded

Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy vs. The B-Team

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Prediction:Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy
Prophecy:These guys should have a few matches. Perhaps the B-Team's Rocky story would be better served if they lose this opener and then win the titles later. I'm loving this feud because it's funny to watch Bo imitate his brother and Axel does a damn good Matt Hardy impersonation too.
Result:The B-Team wins
0 Points Awarded

Carmella vs. Asuka

WWE SmackDown Women's Championship - Ellsworth Suspended in a Shark Cage

Prophecy:This feud will continue for at least one more match, with this one ending by DQ.
Result:Carmella wins
0 Points Awarded

Bludgeon Brothers vs. Team Hell No

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Prediction:Bludgeon Brothers
Prophecy:I don't see Kane on a full-time schedule to defend the titles, and I don't see Bryan as a tag champ while he's climbing his way back to the top of the card. It might be a bit premature for Kane to turn on Bryan right away, but regardless I see the Bludgeon Brothers holding onto the titles.
Result:Bludgeon Brothers wins
1 Point Awarded

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

30-minute Iron Man Intercontinental Championship Match

Prediction:Dolph Ziggler
Prophecy:Not sure why they would have given the title to Ziggler only to give it right back to Seth. Although I was looking forward to seeing Seth defend the title weekly. Seriously, a 30 minute iron man match? That's not an iron man match. That's like... a aluminum foil match. Wish we had these guys competing for the full hour.
Result:Dolph Ziggler wins
1 Point Awarded

Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley

Prediction:Bobby Lashley
Prophecy:The winner here is the one who will be put up against Brock. And as unbeatable as Reigns has been lately, I'm guessing it's Lashley turn.
Result:Bobby Lashley wins
1 Point Awarded

Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

United States Championship

Prediction:Jeff Hardy
Prophecy:Can't believe Nakamura never won the WWE Championship in his feud with Styles. Maybe this is a consolation prize? Right now I'm seeing Hardy retain though.
Result:Shinsuke Nakamura wins
0 Points Awarded

Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin

Prediction:Baron Corbin
Prophecy:Feud opener. Guessing the heel will take it. They could have made this match a lot more appealing if it had an extreme rules element to it.
Result:Finn Balor wins
0 Points Awarded

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens

Steel Cage Match

Prediction:Braun Strowman
Prophecy:Braun really doesn't lose much anymore.
Result:Kevin Owens wins
0 Points Awarded

The New Day vs. Sanity

Tables Match

Prophecy:Fuck yeah. An actual extreme rules match at the Extreme Rules PPV. This will be a huge win to put Sanity on the map.
Result:Sanity wins
1 Point Awarded
Total Points: 6 (+1 Bonus Point)

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