Prophecies of MCM0530

Fastlane 2017

Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg

WWE Universal Championship

Prediction:Kevin Owens
Prophecy:Jericho will help Owens retain against Goldberg so he can challenge his former best friend at Wrestlemania for the title. If that doesn't happen, Brock could always cost Goldberg the match instead. Either way, I'm going against the majority and saying Owens retains.
Result:Goldberg wins
0 Points Awarded

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

Prediction:Braun Strowman
Prophecy:Strowman is in the middle of a big push and this is the dead man's chance to cost Reigns the match.
Result:Roman Reigns wins
0 Points Awarded

Neville vs. Jack Gallagher

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Prophecy:Neville is the best Cruiserweight on the roster and the best champion so far. He'll keep the title at Fastlane and face Austin Ares at Wrestlemania.
This is my lock.
Result:Neville wins
1 Point Awarded (+1 bonus point)

Gallows & Anderson vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Prediction:Gallows & Anderson
Prophecy:They've been teasing a Enzo and Cass split, plus The Club just won the titles, so I say Gallows and Anderson retain.
Result:Gallows & Anderson win
1 Point Awarded

Bayley vs. Charlotte

WWE Raw Women's Championship

Prophecy:Charlotte does not lose on PPV. This will continue to be true until Wrestlemania.
Result:Bayley wins
0 Points Awarded

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Prediction:Sasha Banks
Prophecy:Nia is getting a big push and I wouldn't be surprised if she leaves Wrestlemania with the Women's title, but Sasha is due for a win since Nia has dominated their previous matches.
Result:Sasha Banks wins
1 Point Awarded

Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe

Prediction:Samoa Joe
Prophecy:I can't imagine Joe losing his first main roster PPV match. I assume this would have been Rollins if he didn't get injured.
Result:Samoa Joe wins
1 Point Awarded

Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa vs. The Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar

Prediction:Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa
Prophecy:I know this sounds crazy, but what if Tozawa joins Kendrick? WWE would never write such an interesting swerve regarding the Cruiserweights, so I'll stick with the babyface team winning this one.
Result:Rich Swann & Akira Tozawa win
1 Point Awarded
Total Points: 5 (+1 Bonus Point)

5 Points Earned | 63% Accurate

Ranked 5th among Wise Ones for this event.