Prophecies of Vieuphoria_

Survivor Series 2020

Drew McIntyre (WWE) vs. Roman Reigns (Universal)

Champion vs. Champion Match

Prediction:Drew McIntyre
Prophecy:Taking a risk, Miz will cash in, and Drew will pin him
Result:Roman Reigns wins
0 Points Awarded

Asuka (Raw) vs. Sasha Banks (SD)

Champion vs. Champion Match

Prophecy:Bayley will interfere
Result:Sasha Banks wins
0 Points Awarded

Bobby Lashley (US) vs. Sami Zayn (IC)

Champion vs. Champion Match

Prediction:Bobby Lashley
Prophecy:Could see Sami squirming out the win, but i don't think it's going to hurt him by taking the loss
Result:Bobby Lashley wins
1 Point Awarded

The New Day (Raw) vs. The Street Profits (SD)

Champions vs. Champions Match

Prediction:The Street Profits
Prophecy:I think The New Day will do the honours here, i can see handshakes all round at the end of this
Result:The Street Profits wins
1 Point Awarded

Team Raw's Women vs. Team SmackDown's Women

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Prediction:Team Raw (women)
Prophecy:Lana will be last standing
Result:Team Raw (women) wins
1 Point Awarded

Team Raw's Men vs. Team SmackDown's Men

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Prophecy:I think Retribution will destroy both teams, we might even see somebody turn on their team to join.
Result:Team Raw (men) wins
0 Points Awarded
Total Points: 3

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