Prophecies of RKO

Taboo Tuesday 2005

Cena vs. Angle vs. ???

WWE Championship

Prediction:John Cena
Prophecy:Cena will win here and continue his feud with Angle until Survivor Series where Angle will beat Cena for the WWE Title.
Result:John Cena wins
1 Point Awarded

Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Mick Foley

Choose Foley's Persona

Prediction:Mick Foley
Prophecy:Tocc you are wrong. This will be the crowd pleaser of the night. Why would they have Mick Foley come back to WWE ( For a short period of time) and lose to CARLITO. He is a glorifyed jobber and nothing more.
Result:Mick Foley wins
1 Point Awarded

Triple H vs. Ric Flair

One Fall to a Finish, Submission Match, or Steel Cage

Prediction:Triple H
Prophecy:I think this will be the opening match of this feud. I think HHH will win this one and Ric Flair will win a Street Fight against HHH at Survivor Series for the IC Title. HHH wins this one with help of a sledgehammer.
Result:Ric Flair wins
0 Points Awarded

Edge & Masters vs. ???

Pick 2 From Rey, JBL, Christian, Hardy, and Holly

Prediction:To Be Determined (Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy)
Prophecy:I don't know but this looks interesting. I think it will be JBL and Mysterio vs these 2 and I expect a Smackdown win here, but a Raw win at Survivor Series.
Result:To Be Determined (Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy) wins
1 Point Awarded

Cade & Murdoch vs ???

Sloppy Seconds

Prediction:Cade & Murdoch
Prophecy:This is gay.
Result:To Be Determined (Kane & Big Show) win
0 Points Awarded

Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal

Lingerie, Leather & Lace, or Cheerleader Outfits for the Women's Title

Prediction:Mickie James
Prophecy:Trish has to lose the title here. She got it at the beginning of January
Result:Trish Stratus wins
0 Points Awarded

Conway & Tomko vs. Eugene & ???

Choose a Legend to be Eugene's Partner

Prediction:Eugene & Legend (Jimmy Superfly Snuka)
Result:Eugene & Legend (Jimmy Superfly Snuka) win
1 Point Awarded

Batista vs. Jonathan Coachman

Stone Cold's Out. Batista's In.

Prophecy:this is bull
Result:Batista wins
1 Point Awarded
Total Points: 5

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