Prophecies of Hulk

Wrestlemania XL 2024

Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Prediction:Cody Rhodes
Prophecy:Cody finally finishes the story
Result:Cody Rhodes wins
1 Point Awarded

Rhodes & Rollins vs. The Bloodline

For Night 2 Stipulation: Bloodline Banned or Bloodline Rules

Prediction:The Bloodline (Reigns & Rock)
Prophecy:They win night one but cody wins the title night 2
Result:The Bloodline (Reigns & Rock) win
1 Point Awarded

Rhea Ripley vs. Becky Lynch

Women's World Championship

Prediction:Rhea Ripley
Prophecy:Feel Becky gives rhea the rub
Result:Rhea Ripley wins
1 Point Awarded

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

World Heavyweight Championship

Prediction:Drew McIntyre
Prophecy:Drew finally gets his momment
Result:Drew McIntyre wins
1 Point Awarded

Iyo Sky vs. Bayley

WWE Women's Championship

Prophecy:She finally gets a big wrestlemaina win
This is my lock.
Result:Bayley wins
1 Point Awarded (+1 bonus point)

Gunther vs. Sami Zayn

Intercontinental Championship

Prophecy:One more win for Gunther
Result:Sami Zayn wins
0 Points Awarded

Logan Paul vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens

Triple Threat for the WWE United States Championship

Prediction:Logan Paul
Prophecy:Feel Logan retains in heel fashion
Result:Logan Paul wins
1 Point Awarded

Six-Pack Ladder Match

For the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

Prophecy:Goes to Diy or awesome truth
Points N/A

LA Knight vs. A.J. Styles

Prediction:LA Knight
Prophecy:Feel aj gives the moment to knight
Result:LA Knight wins
1 Point Awarded

Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso

Prediction:Jey Uso
Prophecy:Jey gets some pay back
Result:Jey Uso wins
1 Point Awarded

Bianca, Jade & Naomi vs. Damage CTRL (Dakota, Asuka & Kairi)

Six-Woman Tag Team Match

Prediction:Bianca, Jade & Naomi
Prophecy:Going with the faces
Result:Bianca, Jade & Naomi win
1 Point Awarded

LWO (Rey Mysterio & Andrade) vs. Escobar & Dirty Dom

Prediction:Escobar & Dirty Dom
Prophecy:Feel dom wins this one
Result:LWO (Rey Mysterio & Andrade) win
0 Points Awarded
Total Points: 9 (+1 Bonus Point)

9 Points Earned | 82% Accurate

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