Prophecies of DaSavior

Wrestlemania XXVII 2021

Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair

WWE SmackDown Women's Championship

Prediction:Bianca Belair
Prophecy:There's nothing else for Sasha to do really. It's time to validate Bianca's Rumble win and give her the title.
Result:Bianca Belair wins
1 Point Awarded

Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre

WWE Championship

Prediction:Bobby Lashley
Prophecy:I don't know really, but I can see them letting Lashley have a Mania moment and actually have a run with the title. We've seen more than enough of Drew as Champion for a while now.
Result:Bobby Lashley wins
1 Point Awarded

Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs. Miz & Morrison

Prediction:Bad Bunny & Damian Priest
Prophecy:Oh look, celebrity involvement.
This is my lock.
Result:Bad Bunny & Damian Priest win
1 Point Awarded (+1 bonus point)

The New Day (Kofi & Woods) vs. A.J. Styles & Omos

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Prediction:A.J. Styles & Omos
Prophecy:New Day lose the titles to some team just to win them back from that team at a much later date, but I imagine AJ will complete the Grand Slam and win Tag Silver with Omos.
Result:A.J. Styles & Omos win
1 Point Awarded

Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon

Steel Cage Match

Prediction:Braun Strowman
Prophecy:The only thing that's stupid is the idea of this feud currently.
Result:Braun Strowman wins
1 Point Awarded

Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

Prophecy:Cesaro deserves a singles push and another WrestleMania moment considering his last one was at WrestleMania XXX back in 2014.
Result:Cesaro wins
1 Point Awarded

Tag Team Turmoil

For a WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Shot

Prediction:Lana & Naomi
Prophecy:There might be more teams, but I don't know. Out of the group, WWE seems to like the team of Lana and Naomi more, plus at least there's story between Lana and Nia.
Result:Natalya & Tamina win
0 Points Awarded

Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan

Triple Threat WWE Universal Championship Match

Prediction:Roman Reigns
Prophecy:I see zero reason to stop Roman's reign right now, even if this is WrestleMania. Idk why they added Daniel Bryan to the mix, though.
Result:Roman Reigns wins
1 Point Awarded

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

WWE Raw Women's Championship

Prediction:Rhea Ripley
Prophecy:Give Rhea the win she should of got last year over Charlotte. Isn't like WWE really uses Asuka as RAW Women's Champion.
Result:Rhea Ripley wins
1 Point Awarded

The Fiend vs. Randy Orton

Prediction:The Fiend
Prophecy:Time for The Fiend to finally get revenge for getting burned alive at TLC, otherwise this whole thing is really a waste of time.
Result:Randy Orton wins
0 Points Awarded

Big E vs. Apollo Crews

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Prediction:Big E
Prophecy:Big E deserves a Mania moment if they are going to go with him as a singles guy. We waited so long for him to split from New Day, it'll be anticlimactic for his singles run to end this early unless they plan to quickly upgrade him to the World Title.
Result:Apollo Crews wins
0 Points Awarded

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Prediction:Kevin Owens
Prophecy:Owens feels like more of a guy that WWE relies on as a star more than Sami Zayn, so he seems to be the safer bet.
Result:Kevin Owens wins
1 Point Awarded

Riddle vs. Sheamus

WWE United States Championship

Prophecy:Sheamus deserves a US Title run at the very least considering how well he's been doing over the last year.
Result:Sheamus wins
1 Point Awarded

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs. Tag Team Turmoil Winners

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship

Prediction:Tag Team Turmoil Winners
Prophecy:Happy WrestleMania for whoever wins Tag Team Turmoil.
Result:Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax win
0 Points Awarded
Total Points: 10 (+1 Bonus Point)

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